November 15, 2012

Oh boy.

It's been three weeks since we found out what we were having. It's a boy, an unexpected healthy boy. I say unexpected because I felt 80% sure it was a girl. I wasn't sure how I would feel if it was a boy. I think personally I was excited to dress a girl in lots of bows and glitter!

I would have loved to have my sister there, but she lives in California now. So I brought the next best thing, or rather next best people. Sarah, my best friend since 9th grade and my soon-to-be sister Britnee. Of course, I couldn't leave out my mom. It felt weird bringing so many people in with me, but I knew Britnee and Sarah would love to be a part of it, (since they never had before). Plus, I'm sure there has been more in the ultrasound room than that!

Have you ever gotten an ultrasound? On one side, I wanted the ultrasound tech to hurry and tell me BOY or GIRL!!! But on the other, it was so incredible seeing our little baby kick and move around like crazy. I don't feel the baby a lot because of where the baby implanted, which was a little nerve-wracking before I got to the ultrasound. He wouldn't stop moving around, but we couldn't get a great picture because he wouldn't move his arms out of the way. Snuggler. :)

This was right before we found out.
This was the exact moment she said it was a boy. I started hysterically crying, HAPPY tears.
The only thoughts I had was that Heavenly Father has a plan, and a little boy is supposed to be here first. How could I care whether it was a boy or a girl? It's a beautiful healthy child of God. Ours!

October 19, 2012

First Daddy Moment.

So, we were laying in bed this morning and I had my hand on my tummy trying to feel my baby like usual and I felt the baby kick three or four times. So I grabbed Alan's hand and put it on my tummy without saying anything. After waiting another couple of minutes he finally felt the baby move. It was the sweetest moment. I didn't know if he would be able to feel the baby, but he did. It was so special. Well, I've been trying to write down the moments like read if you want.  
This is Alan and our nephew James, Feb. 2011

October 18, 2012

Oh Baby.

That's right! I am getting chubby. I blame it on... Butterfingers candy bars and a baby in my tummy. I am currently 19 weeks along and we could not be more excited.

I know we will need these next 21 weeks to prepare mentally, emotionally and physically for this baby, but 21 weeks seems so far away!

We find out next Wednesday the 24th of October what we are having. Alan will be there of course, but I've also invited just a few others. My mom is coming and I really REALLY wish my sister Autumn could be there too but since she has moved to California I had to invite my other "sisters", my best friend Sarah and my hopefully soon-to-be sister Britnee.

Also, I'm working in the E.R. as a Critical Care Tech at Logan Regional Hospital, and I love it! I really enjoy being able to work with people and help them in their times of need. I get to be in on all of the exciting stuff too. It's an awesome learning experience, and great practice for... life in general!

We are so excited to be parents, and if you have ever met Alan then you know he is definitely going to make a WONDERFUL dad. He is 100 times more patient than I am. I've been blessed to have him in my life for the past 4 years and I'm not quite sure what I did to deserve him.

Until next time...

This was the day after we found out. You can really see the excitement on Alan's face! He is one of those guys that's pretty hard to read...

May 18, 2011

Wifely Gardening...

Several months ago, I decided I was going to plant a garden.(Our very first garden together) :) We live in Mendon, with Alan's parents, Roger and Donna McEvoy. :) Lucky for me, Rog is an expert gardener, and gave me lots of tips, and help! :D

I went to Anderson's Seed and Garden in town and grabbed all the things I wanted to plant  in our garden this summer:
My New Love- Yellow Squash
My Typical Summer Favorites- Roma Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Cantaloupe, Watermelon, and Pumpkins!

I'm sure as the years go by, I will plant more varieties of vegetables. For now, this will do. :)

Since Utah weather is never very sure about itself, things like Cantaloupe, Watermelon etc don't generally do very well since the summer season is unfortunately a little too short. So i was told that "Fast Break" Cantaloupe would be my best bet. The Store employee also picked me out some good watermelon too, (Breeds that would need a shorter growing season.)

and the PUMPKINS! I am SO excited for these! i got the brand that holds the record for "World's Largest Pumpkin." Now i don't know how big mine will actually get, (especially since I am NOT an expert gardener), but I'm excited to see!
                                Disclaimer: I have no idea who this kid is. :) But check out the pumpkin!

                                                     This is how I did it, just starting out:

               I found no reason to spend a lot of money on little cups, when I had all I needed right at home. :)

The little white markers were something I bought at Anderson's, just because I was there anyways, and they were cheap. But next year, I think I will just use popsicle sticks! Why not?
 As for how they look now, I have pictures, coming soon. Hopefully tomorrow. So far, everything is too little to plant outside, except for the PUMPKIN plant, and the yellow squash. :)

February 15, 2011

Oh hey guys...

SO since our life is way exciting... Let me tell you about it.

Yesterday was obviously V-Day. So i took Alan a bouquet of flowers to his Diesel Mechanics class. But first I bought two pry bars and a punch and chisel set and stuck them in the flowers to make it look kinda cool!
He loved it, but he is probably gettin teased today! Then we left his class(it was basically over by the time I got there) and grabbed lunch at Village Inn. Our friend Mitch works there, so its always nice to go hang out for a bit. Then we came home, I realized that Alan wasn't behind me. (I wasn't driving that fast) I didn't think much of it.Well he came home with a HUGE bouquet of red roses and white carnations from Fonnesbecks.
How beautiful! He ordered them a WHOLE week in advance. I'm sorry but my husband is freakin thoughtful and awesome. Most guys aren't like that.  anyhow...

Alan is currently in school for Diesel Mechanics at BATC. He will be graduating near the end of the summer! Yay! There are two FULL pages of Diesel Mechanic jobs in Utah right now. although they are in the salt lake area...yes, we may have to relocate. but it would only be until there was a job opening here in Logan! This is where we want to live and raise our children. I'm sorry, but Salt Lake? nahhhh.... So there is obviously a need for diesel mechanics around here, that reassures us in this cool economy.

Long time coming, I was diagnosed with ADHD- the combined type, a couple of weeks ago. which means, i am inattentive, hyperactive, and impulsive. cool huh? i was diagnosed up at USU. Now I have been put on Adderall, but only 10mg 2x a day to start out with. by the way, Adderall is basically SPEED. if a normal person were to take it, it would make them feel very SPED up, if you will. haha but if you have ADHD and take it, it helps you to concentrate, and get so much done! I love it so far! The first night I was on it, i deep cleaned our bedroom. at 1 a.m. :) Also, it gives me a very suppressed appetite so i have to make myself eat, and i hate that! but a lot of people take it to lose weight, so maybe I will lose a couple, but i'm trying to stay healthy!

Next, this Saturday night is our TWO year anniversary since we met. February 19th. Then two weeks later on March 6th is our 1 year wedding anniversary! I sure love this guy.  That is all for now...

December 7, 2010

Black Friday.... I'm Still Recovering.

Thanksgiving! love it! i was so excited for all of the yummy food! Alan and I spent our day down at Jim and Tiff's house (Alan's brother and his wife.) down in Provo. Most of Alans family made it down there, except for Christina and Eric(they live in Boise and had her family over) and Erin and Ryan (They live in Tahoe). My family was all sorts of spread out!  Anyways, the food was good. my nap sucked. 

Every year after Thanksgiving dinner, all of the McEvoys head to the Provo High gym to play basketball (Jim is a teacher and basketball coach there.) 

I didn't want to go that badly, that's when one of Salli's little twins started to feel sick and we decided we would take her to InstaCare (Salli, Kim, Tiffany, and I) This was around 7 p.m.

We were driving through Provo when Sal tried to get one of her doctors to call in a prescription for little Malia to a Walgreens. Long Story short- the doctor didnt call it in for hours(he went to a movie) (while Malia was in pain and crying) we made several trips to walgreens but nope,no call yet.   DUMB. 

Well, we had plans to go to Toys R Us that night for the doorbuster deals at ten p.m. but when we drove past at 7 pm there were already about twenty people lined up! So Tiff decided she would go wait in line while we tracked down medicine, and got it to Malia, made a trip to the house to get lots of blankets and coats! it was-10! 
SO anyways, we got into Toys R US around 10,  (i was mostly just along for the ride, and for fun)
then ran next door to ModBod at 11 for their cheap swimsuits and modest shirts!
Then We drove to Wal-Mart for their midnight doorbuster deals.( all i got was a beard trimmer for Al )

We got to Target at 1:30,and thats where Salli and I waited in line for 3 and a half hours in FREEZING cold weather. My sister, Mo, and Tiff all came back around 3:30. (those punks.) well I got what I wanted!!!!!!!!! i was the third person to rush inside and grab a camera! yay!!! Target was a success...and then I went to bed at 5 a.m. exhausted. and happy. mostly. i couldn't seem to shake that coldness for days after! or the tiredness!

August 29, 2010

Urban Love.

I got a new skirt. From Urban Outfitters. I have been needing new church clothes for awhile now. All of my church clothes are black or they go to my knee or right above it, and i feel kinda uncomfortable with the black because i'm not going to a funeral. and wearing the shorter ones.( with the g force ) is a NO GO. Also I don't like looking like everybody else at church. NO thanks. i like feeling pretty and sophisticated. AND most importantly, comfy! So this is my new skirt!

Generally when I come home from church I change right into my sweats but today I feel so good I think I will be in it until bedtime almost! So far so good! Except when it got kinda windy on the deck for a second before church, I had a Marilyn Monroe moment. it was not great. I wasn't out there by myself.

Anyways, tomorrow I start school again! STILL working on my generals, and then one day soon, NURSING SCHOOL. scary. kinda. and Alan is on a waiting list at BATC to start the Diesel Mechanics program. i have high hopes for that boy. He is so smart, and such a hard worker!  But i really hope he doesn't get a traveling job... Well being the sophisticated wife I am for the day, I have to go and check on the pot roast I made. Thank you, hold your applause.

August 11, 2010

Our First Home... that we just moved out of...

First of all, we don't even live in this house anymore. Just moved out about two weeks ago. We lived there for about five months. It was tiny and i loved it! and i'm so excited that our friends Casey and Kelsey are moving in there next week!! They are getting married in a couple of weeks so Kelsey is moving in first. Just like what we did, but Al moved in. Anyways, i'm excited because i liked this house so much I wanna be able to visit!! Here are some pictures...  We painted everything!! The living room was all one cream color. everything! so was the dining room!! and the kitchen cupboards were so terrible! Can you say, gross orange lacquer from the 70's? gah.  anyways...


July 11, 2010

Sorry Guys. I have no excuse.

I haven't been THAT busy. So we are happily settled into our home in Logan. We are just renting a little house that has been cut in two. So cute. well its cute now... it wasn't! You know that ugly orange lacquered wood that the 70's used to love? We have tons of cupboards  in our house and they were so ugly! So before we got married, Alan had moved in and we sanded them down! took forever!  Especially since I was working all day at Beaver Mountain and then coming straight to the house and working on it till pretty late!.Well we painted them and I will have to take some pictures pretty soon as well as some pictures of our living room that we painted too! For my birthday, June 5th.. we had a big barbecue with lots of friends and family! It was wonderful! Earlier in the week my sister came over ( she is an interior designer) and she helped arrange my living room and get it all ready!! It looked so good for the barbecue! We got a lot of our wedding pictures up on the walls! But we still need a couple more!!  I will take pictures as soon as it gets cleaned up!!

Well last week, I went and took a CNA course in Salt Lake City. It only took a week and it was such a great class. The Teachers were hilarious! Its called ccCNA and I suggest it to everyone that wants to get theirs done!

Recreationally, Alan and I have been playing A LOT of softball. We both play on two teams! We are playing tuesday through thursday! Last summer I hated that he played so much, so this year I learned how to play so we could do it together. I think I have avoided a lot of  boring nights for myself! Well, truthfully I don't know when I will get back on here. :)

p.s. great picture huh??

March 21, 2010

Married? Nice!

It has now been two weeks and we are officially the McEvoy's! The wedding turned out beautifully and it sure was a wonderful experience. I wouldn't trade that experience in the sealing room for anything. Tears were everywhere! It was a very sweet experience and we will be going back very soon and often! It was really wonderful to have so many people able come to the sealing. Also, there were so many people that helped us for the wedding! It was truly a blessing. About a week before, we were so stressed, (I was, Alan held his composure.)Our families really showed us their love for us. We cannot express our gratitude enough!! The Lord really helped us out, I cannot be more greatful! I have a few pictures from the wedding! Here are a couple!